Phantom Limb

Phantom limb is a condition in which a person experiences pain deriving from a body part that’s no longer in existence. It’s believed that up to 80% of individuals who have undergone an amputation or trauma which results in limb loss experience this type of pain. Phantom limb pain is thought to be neurotic, so it stems from the spinal cord and is carried through the nerves. And, can be debilitating to those who experience it. However, there are methods of managing this pain, including ketamine infusion therapy.

Are you Experience Phantom Limb Pain?

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Phantom Limb Pain | Diablo ValleyIdentifying the symptoms of phantom limb pain may help you to address the condition and provide you with further information on which treatment may help. Some of the characteristics of phantom limb pain may include:

  • Pain beginning a few weeks or months after amputation procedure or traumatic event
  • Experiencing sensations of burning, stabbing, cramping, and crushing from the site of amputation
  • Either constant or irregular symptoms of pain
  • Experiencing pain from the farthest point of the amputated body part

What Causes Phantom Limb?

The specific cause for phantom limb is still unknown. However, it’s believed to occur due to miscommunication between the brain and nervous system and the damage to the nerves on the amputated limb. Basically, even after an amputation, the brain may still exhibit activity in areas which used to provoke movement in the amputated limb(s). So, a person may experience feeling as if the limb is still there through symptoms of pain.

Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain

Unfortunately, many who experience phantom limb pain may not get the relief they need through traditional treatments. For these individuals, ketamine infusion therapy may help to reduce and manage symptoms. Ketamine infusion therapy is proven effective in helping a large number of patients who experience neuropathic pain find relief. Neuropathic pain is any pain resulting in injury from the nervous system. So, phantom limb pain patients usually find that ketamine infusion therapy can reduce symptoms when other treatments fail.

Why Ketamine is Used for Phantom Limb Pain

Often, traditional analgesics, or painkillers, don’t work to address neuropathic pain that phantom limb patients experience. So, when physical therapy and other medications aren’t working, individuals may wish to look for alternative opioid analgesics like ketamine. Ketamine works to reduce phantom limb pain because it is an NMDA antagonist. This means that it blocks receptors in the brain responsible for stimulating and sending pain signals. As a result, individuals who experience neuropathic pain symptoms have a reduction of chronic pain and can live lives of better wellbeing.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Phantom Limb Pain in California

If you or a loved one is experiencing phantom limb pain and looking for alternative methods of managing symptoms, ketamine infusion therapy may help. Here at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services, we understand the negative impact that chronic pain can have on life. So, we dedicate ourselves to providing relief from chronic pain to individuals who may not find relief with traditional methods. To speak with us about treating phantom limb pain with ketamine infusion therapy, contact us today on our website or give us a call at 925-289-1430.

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