Some Drug Abuse Information You Should Know

Diablo Valley Treatment on May 28, 2019

Prescription medications are a blessing for those who truly need them to manage symptoms of medical and mental conditions. However, without proper use, many prescription medications are addictive and can lead to debilitating dependence. By spreading proper drug abuse information, we hope to help individuals who may be utilizing addictive prescriptions. This way, they can be more aware of their addictive properties and utilize prescription medications in the right way. And, prevent addiction in their own lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Reasons People get Addicted to Prescription Medications

Some Drug Abuse Information You Should KnowThere are a few different reasons individuals may develop an addiction to prescription medications. Some of these scenarios include:

Taking Someone Else’s Prescriptions: Some people don’t know that even if they understand what a prescription drug is, they shouldn’t take medication that’s not prescribed to them. When a doctor prescribes medication, they prescribe it for that individual. So, if your doctor hasn’t offered that same prescription to you, you shouldn’t take it. Remember, if you think that you need prescription medication, always talk to your doctor first and only take medications specifically prescribed to you.

Mixing Prescription Medications: Unless instructed by your physician, combining prescription medications is dangerous. And, can lead to the development of addictive behaviors. If you are taking a prescription already and your physician prescribes you another, make sure to tell your doctor about your other medications. And, ask if they are ok to combine, when you should take them, and risks and side effects associated with each substance.

Not Taking Prescriptions as Prescribed: Typically, before writing a prescription, a doctor will tell you specifically how to utilize the medication. However, taking more of a medication or using them differently than described by your doctor is a sign of drug abuse. So, remember to pay attention while your doctor tells you instructions for your medications. And, only use them as your doctor has prescribed.

Using Prescriptions to Get High: Obviously, using prescription medications solely for the purpose of experiencing a high is an addictive behavior. Prescription medications are intended solely for their medicinal purposes and never for recreational desires.

The Most Dangerous Prescription Medications

Some prescription medications may be more addictive than others. So, they pose a higher risk for individuals who utilize them for the development of addiction. Some of the most commonly abused prescription medications include:

Opioids: The most commonly abused prescriptions in the world, opioid addiction often leads to illicit addiction (heroin) when prescriptions run out. And, is the number one cause of overdose-related deaths and the ongoing opioid epidemic in America. Opioids include a number of substances including percocet, oxycontin, codeine, morphine, fentanyl, carfentanil, and hydrocodone.

Antidepressants: Another commonly abused type of prescription medications are antidepressants. These are often prescribed to individuals diagnosed with anxiety and depressive disorders. Some examples of antidepressants include xanax, valium, and klonopin.

Stimulants: Finally, other prescription medications which are commonly abused are stimulants. Stimulants are often prescribed to individuals diagnosed with ADD and/or ADHD. These prescriptions include adderall, ritalin, and dexedrine.

Prescription Drug Abuse Information for Treatment

If you or a loved one has developed an addiction to prescription medications, Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services can help. Specifically, if you utilize prescription medications to manage pain, we offer a number of services to help manage symptoms of pain without addictive substances, including ketamine infusion therapy.

Starting with a Clean Slate After Opioid Abuse Treatment

Additionally, we offer medication management and treatment services specifically for individuals struggling with prescription addiction. To learn more about how we can help get you to live a life free from prescription dependence, contact us today!