Fear and Anxiety Can Affect Your Recovery Journey

Diablo Valley Treatment on February 5, 2019

Fear and anxiety are no strangers to most of us. Pretty much everyone has felt afraid at one point or another. And, no doubt, we’ve all felt anxious about something before. These two emotions have kept people from progressing in life. They’ve prevented many individuals from getting the help they need. Sometimes, a person who is dealing with a substance abuse problem may struggle to overcome the problem because of fear and anxiety. Perhaps you are in this situation. Maybe you’ve been trying to overcome drug or alcohol use. But, you’ve felt anxious or fearful along the road to recovery. These two emotions have prevented people from moving forward in their lives. Although we all experience these feelings throughout our lives, it’s important to make sure they don’t keep us from bettering ourselves. If you’re struggling with fear and anxiety, it’s best to address them so you can move forward.

The Challenges on the Road to Recovery

As you work to recover from substance abuse and dependence, it can be hard to face all of the changes you may be going through. It’s never easy to shift from one way of life to another. Your body has to go through a lot of changes now since it can no longer depend on the effects of drugs or alcohol. Recovery also requires you to change your mindset and thought processes. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, you can learn how to address negative and harmful thinking patterns and develop positive ones instead. This will help you to avoid relapse in your life. Throughout the recovery process, you will also deal with some emotional changes. Sometimes, fear and anxiety come as a result of these mental, physical, and emotional challenges.

Why Do You Feel Fear and Anxiety?

People feel fear and anxiety during their recovery for various reasons. One reason why some people become anxious during their recovery is because they are unsure of what to do with their time. In many cases, people who deal with a substance dependence problem spend their free time using drugs or alcohol. But, as they work to recover, they may find themselves wondering what to do with that time. Anxiety can creep in during those moments, making people wonder if they can truly avoid substance use. Another reason people get anxious throughout their recovery journey is the lack of support. When a person does not have support from the people around them, it can be hard to stay motivated. He or she may begin to experience loneliness and anxiety.

People who are in recovery may also feel fearful during recovery. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Some individuals are afraid that they may fail. They may become anxious and worry whether or not they’ll actually be able to remain sober and clean indefinitely.
  • The fear of being rejected or judged can also affect people in recovery. They may feel like people will look down on them because they needed treatment for substance dependence. Others may fear that their loved ones will not accept or support them.
  • People are often fearful about having success in treatment. As strange as it may seem, it’s true. It’s common to wonder what life will be like once you are past substance dependence. When drugs and alcohol are no longer part of your life, what will you do? How will you deal with those changes? It can be a scary thing to start a new lifestyle, especially after having suffered from alcohol and drug abuse.

Finding Help and Hope at Diablo Valley

If you’re suffering from fear and anxiety but you want to overcome substance dependence, let us help you hear at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services. We can walk with you as you navigate through your recovery. Just call us today to let us help you get started on this journey.