Naltrexone Bupropion Medication Assisted Treatment

Vivitrol is an opioid receptor medication which allows individuals to detox from opiates or alcohol. Vivitrol treatment works by battling for opioid receptors in the human brain and stimulating them so that individuals cannot experience euphoric effects of the opiate/alcohol they’re dependent upon.

How Does it Work?

As previously stated, Vivitrol treatment works by stimulating opioid receptors found in the brain so that individuals cannot experience the effects of their favorite opiate or alcohol. And, when the effects of substances are not experienced, there is no point to taking them. This treatment is a once-monthly injection which allows an extended release of the medication so that individuals don’t have to return to a treatment center every day to get medication.

Benefits of the Vivitrol Injection

  • No need to live at a treatment center or even get more medication until 30 days after the first injection.Naltrexone Bupropion in California | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services
  • It doesn’t offer the same effects of opioids because it’s not a narcotic which means it’s non-habit forming.
  • It helps to drastically reduce the severity and number of cravings for opioids or alcohol.
  • Ideal for individuals who have been struggling with dependence or addiction for less than a year.
  • Also ideal for patients who have been previously utilizing Suboxone or methadone as a means to taper off of opioids.
  • It’s safe and medically supervised when used correctly and when opioids or alcohol are not used.
  • In clinical studies of a period of 6 months, Vivitrol helped 90% of patients remain sober from opioids or alcohol.

Cons of the Vivitrol Injection

  • Requires a detox period of at least 7 days which means patients must experience withdrawal symptoms beforehand.
  • Is only available to patients who are 18 years of age or older according to the FDA.
  • There is still a risk of opioid overdose if opioids are taken while using Vivitrol. Often, individuals will try to take large amounts of opioids to feel effects which Vivitrol makes impossible. Additionally, individuals who have detoxed will have lower tolerances than they did previous to detox. So, individuals will sometimes overdose by only taking the number of opioids they were used to previous. The results of these overdoses are often fatal.

Is Vivitrol Treatment Right for You?

Only a medical professional can tell you whether or not a Vivitrol injection treatment may be right for you. Here at Diablo Valley Medically Assisted Treatment, our doctor understands the importance of medically assisted treatment for those it may help. And, will help you determine a plan of attack so that you can live without dependence on opioids or alcohol and obtain healing in a real, lasting way. You CAN be free of your opioid medication or your dependence on alcohol. And, we can help get you there!