Diablo Valley Treatment on September 26, 2018

OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a mood disorder characterized by symptoms of chronic anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and compulsive behaviors. Usually, the compulsive, often repetitive behaviors are a method of managing the high levels of stress and obsessive thoughts. The symptoms of OCD can begin in early childhood or adulthood. And, behaviors and symptoms can vary between person to person. For example, symptoms of the condition can affect some individuals on a daily basis and for others remain dormant for weeks. In any case, living with the symptoms of OCD can be debilitating. So, it’s important to find treatment to address the condition so its symptoms are manageable and individuals can live with better wellbeing.

Understanding OCD and Treatments

It’s thought that over 2 million American adults suffer from OCD. And, unfortunately, about one-third of these individuals don’t find relief from OCD symptoms with traditional treatments alone. In most cases, OCD is treated with a blend of behavioral therapies and anti-depressant pharmaceuticals. But, when these don’t work, alternative methods may be effective. One alternative therapy that is showing great promise for individuals living with OCD is ketamine infusion therapy.

Considering Ketamine Infusion Therapy for OCD Patients

California OCD Treatment | Ketamine Infusion Therapy | Diablo ValleyUnfortunately, the compulsive thoughts and repetitive behaviors that characterize OCD can make life challenging. So, when traditional treatments don’t work, it can be disheartening to these individuals. However, ketamine infusion therapy is effective in helping individuals diagnosed with OCD to manage compulsive thoughts and reduce repetitive behaviors.

Ketamine is an anesthetic approved by the FDA for medicinal use. However, its reputation as party drug leads many individuals to personally discredit this substance for medical purposes. Lately, ketamine is being considered more frequently for the use of its neurological components to treat mood disorders and chronic pain conditions. Ketamine is thought to work to reduce symptoms in OCD patients because it binds to receptors in the brain responsible for glutamate abnormalities. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that works to send messages to other cells in order for the brain and body to communicate. So, when glutamate levels are imbalanced, a number of symptoms can occur including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and OCD.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Treatments for OCD in Diablo Valley

During ketamine infusion therapy, ketamine is introduced into the bloodstream by way of IV. This takes about 40 minutes. Ketamine infusion therapy works immediately to provide desired results. And, results can last up to two weeks, as seen in clinical trials. If you’d like to see if ketamine infusion therapy is the next step to treating OCD symptoms in your life, contact us today. Or, give us a call to speak with one of our experienced specialists at 925-289-1430.