Is Prescription Drug Use Becoming a Problem In Your Life?

Diablo Valley Treatment on January 14, 2019

Substance use and abuse are definitely big issues in our world today. Many individuals have suffered from drug abuse and alcoholism. Some have found themselves struggling with heroin or cocaine dependence. Others are dealing with the challenges of alcohol dependence. Although these are certainly serious problems, people often fail to realize that there is another type of substance dependence that is equally serious. Prescription drug use has lead to drug dependence in a lot of people’s lives. But, since these substances are legal and are usually prescribed by medical professionals, individuals may not recognize the possibility of a problem. Still, substance abuse and dependence come in various forms. Sometimes, it comes as a problem with illegal drugs like heroin. Other times, it comes with the commonly abused substance known as alcohol. But, in other cases, prescription drug use becomes a problem.

You might be using prescription medications for various health purposes. Perhaps you’re suffering from a type of chronic pain. Whatever the case may be, if you take medication regularly, it’s important to be extremely careful. Believe it or not, many people have become heavily dependent on their medications. If you’re wondering how to know whether or not you’re dependent on prescription drugs, there are a few signs to look for. Let’s talk about some of those signs and what to do if you believe you might have a problem with prescription drug use.

Am I Dependent on My Prescription Drugs?

Now, not everyone who uses medications becomes highly dependent on it. Some individuals do not. But, it’s still very important to make sure prescription use doesn’t become a problem. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. In other words, it’s better to find a way to stop substance dependence before the problem gets worse, turning into substance abuse. However, it’s definitely necessary to mention that, even if a person has become heavily dependent on his or her medication, there is still hope! Professional medical detox programs can help individuals who are mentally and physically dependent on substances like alcohol, cocaine, and, yes, prescription drugs.

By this time, you might be wondering if you’re dependent on prescription medications. You may ask, How do I know if prescription drug use has become a problem for me? Well, there are a few signs that you may be growing dependent on a particular substance. You might be dependent on prescription drugs if you are:

  • Running out of pills sooner than expected.
  • Using the drug even though you don’t feel pain.
  • Experiencing moodiness or changes in behavior.
  • “Doctor shopping” in order to get more medication.
  • Experiencing anxiety when you’re not using the drug.
  • Becoming isolated from friends and family members.
  • Taking medication more frequently than recommended.
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms during periods between use.
  • Losing interest in people or activities that you used to enjoy.
  • Using pills in ways that weren’t recommended (i.e. crushing, injecting, etc.)
  • Developing tolerance for the drug. (The recommended dose no longer produces the desired results.)

If you’ve seen any of these signs in your life, you could be suffering from a dependence problem. The good news is that Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services can help you to overcome this issue!

Let Us Help End Prescription Drug Use and Abuse

Here at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services, we know that people rarely intend to develop a substance dependence problem. But, when this problem occurs in people’s lives, it’s important for them to get professional help to end the problem. We work to be the solution to the problem, helping people to find freedom from drug and alcohol dependence and abuse. To speak to someone about your struggle with prescription drug use, just call us today: 925-289-1430.