What is Heroin?

Heroin is a drug that falls under the opioid category. It is made from another substance called morphine. It is actually more addictive than morphine. It is sold illegally and is usually seen in the form of a white powder. Sometimes, this substance can be brown, black, or grayish in color. Heroin is a drug that breaks down the immune system. People who use it may be at risk for getting sick with illnesses like HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis.

Heroin Abuse and Dependence Treatment

Heroin can enter the body in different ways. The amount of time it takes for one to feel the impact of this drug will vary depending on the way people take it. If the drug is injected into a vein, it will give an intense high feeling to the user. In just a matter of seconds, the person will feel the full effects of the opioid. When the drug is injected into a muscle, the effects of the drug will take a few minutes to fully intensify. Snorting or smoking the drug usually lengthens the amount of time it takes to feel the entire effect. The person will feel a less intense high within about 10 to 15 minutes.

Heroin Abuse Treatment in San Ramon | Diablo Valley Drug & AlcoholSince heroin is very addictive, people usually abuse is and become dependent on it. This drug limits the brain’s ability to register pain. It also causes one to feel excitement or euphoria. It affects the brain and the feelings of pleasure. Heroin also affects the way the brain controls heart rate, sleeping, and breathing.

When a person uses heroin, he or she will begin to build a tolerance for the drug. A tolerance for it will lead to a stronger craving for heroin. Tolerance then leads to dependence. This dependence is usually the result of using heroin despite its negative impact. As use continues, the person will need to have more of the drug in order to achieve the same feelings that a smaller dosage used to accomplish.

After one becomes physically dependent on heroin, it becomes difficult for the body to function without the drug. Physiological dependence on heroin is the term used to explain what heroin does to the brain. The high produced by the drug causes the brain to become highly reliant on the motivation and drive heroin gives the user. Tolerance and dependence turn into repeated use and abuse of the drug.

Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Addiction and Abuse

Heroin Abuse Treatment in San Ramon | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol

If an individual is abusing heroin, they will exhibit different signs. After the initial high or “rush” from the heroin, a user may experience slowed cognitive action. The individual might feel fatigue and go in and out of sleep. Users may also have symptoms like vomiting and nausea, dry mouth, and excessive itchiness. Heroin affects the central nervous system. So, some people who use it may experience slowed heart and breathing rate, confusion, and drowsiness.

Medication Assisted Treatment For Heroin Addiction

There are many benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). It is an outpatient treatment, which enables patients to get the help they need at the time they need. MAT is safe for patients and is supervised by professionals who understand how the drug detox process works. The mission of Diablo Valley MAT is to make the detox easier for those who have gone through the struggle of heroin dependence.

Suboxone is a medication used in MAT and it helps to block cravings for heroin. It suppresses the physical signs of withdrawal. This helps the patient by allowing him or her to concentrate on detoxing from the drugs. If you think MAT is for you, contact Diablo Valley Medically Assisted Treatment today.


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