What is Oxycontin?

Oxycontin is a pain medication containing oxycodone, which is an opioid drug. This type of medication is used for the treatment of severe pain and ailments. Oxycontin works to relieve pain for several hours. This is possible because part of the oxycodone in the pill is released upon consumption while the other part is coated so that it is slowly released into the body. This medication is a narcotic drug.

Treatment for Dependence on Oxycontin Pills

Addressing Dependence on Oxycontin Pills | Diablo Valley MATPeople who use this pain reliever can become highly dependent upon the drug as a result of using it for a long period of time. It changes the brain’s activity and creates a new sense of “normal”. This leads to a higher level of tolerance for the drug and causes the brain to depend on the drug in order to operate within its new normal way of functioning. A heightened tolerance level can cause people to need a higher dosage of medication in order to achieve the same amount of pain relief which a smaller dosage once gave them. Users of this medication can also form a type of psychological dependence wherein they feel as if the medication is the only thing that can help reduce the pain they are experiencing. Fear of extreme pain may lead to the continued and possible increased taking of Oxycontin.

The extreme pain levels Oxycontin users have may lead to dependence on the drug. This, in turn, could lead to using the drug in a harmful and even deadly way. Some users, in an attempt to rush the process, may crush the pills. This eliminates the slow release because it diminishes the effect of the coating. Some people may snort, chew, or inject the contents of the pill and, thus, experience all of the pill’s pain relieving ability at once rather than over a long period of time. The feeling such actions can incur are similar to the high one feels while under the influence of heroin.

Signs and Symptoms of Oxycontin Dependence

Excessive usage of Oxycontin pills could lead to serious issues. Signs and symptoms of Oxycontin dependence can include shallowness or slowing of breath, confusion, low blood pressure, dizziness, seizures, and weakness.

Someone who is dependent on Oxycontin pills may exhibit a lack of otherwise normal interests. He or she may also show a change in personality. In extreme cases, once one becomes dependent on such medication, it may be impossible to contain the impulse to acquire more and more of it. This could lead to a desperation which results in dishonest efforts in order to get more of the medication. People who are dependent may provide false medical information to get a prescription for Oxycontin or even steal the medication from someone else.

Addressing Dependence on Oxycontin Pills | Diablo Valley MATMedication Assisted Treatment for Oxycontin

Vivitrol is non-addictive and blocks the experience the effect of Oxycontin. It keeps users from feeling the “high” that the medication gives them. This eventually leads to lessened or terminated usage of Oxycontin.

Suboxone also helps to block cravings for the medication. It also suppresses the physical signs of withdrawal, freeing the patient to concentrate on detoxing from the drugs rather than the discomfort caused by the discontinued usage of Oxycontin.

The benefits of MAT are extensive. It is an outpatient treatment, which enables patients to get the help they need at the time they need. It is also cost-effective in that it eliminates the need for a hospital stay. MAT is safe for patients and is supervised by experts who understand the process of drug detox process. Diablo Valley works to make the detox process easier for patients who have struggled with alcohol dependence. Contact Diablo Valley today to start the road to becoming free from Oxycontin dependence.

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