What is Vicodin?

Vicodin is a pain relieving medication that is a mixture of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is used to treat moderate to extreme pain and operates by blocking the brain’s pain receptors. This medication is a narcotic and does incite euphoric effects in users of Vicodin.

Vicodin Abuse and Dependence Treatment

Vicodin Addiction Treatment | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol ServicesOver time, individuals could build a higher tolerance for Vicodin and begin to need an increased dosage to feel the same pain relief once achieved by a lower dosage. Since Vicodin is a very strong pain relief medication, it has the ability to cause people to become dependent on it. The medication is so strong that it has the ability to make people dependent on it in within only a week’s time. This dependence is extremely harmful to users.

Signs and Symptoms of Vicodin Medication Dependence

Symptoms and signs of Vicodin dependence can vary. One sign is nausea and/or vomiting. People who are dependent on this drug may feel irritable and experience abnormal mood swings. Drowsiness, paranoia, and anxiety are other signs of Vicodin dependence. Some people may become unable to complete necessary tasks or be responsible. It may be hard to think of much else besides taking more pain relief medication and some dependents may go to extreme measures in order to acquire Vicodin. For some people, dependence can lead to memory problems, headaches, seizures, and constipation. Dependence on Vicodin can also cause people to lose the ability to properly focus. Some people may encounter lightheadedness and blurred vision.

Dependence may lead to other major issues. Some individuals may experience swelling, itchiness, weakness, dizziness, and vomiting. Excessive usage of Vicodin can lead to serious problems like liver failure or liver damage. Also, the constant usage of this drug can cause trouble in the life of a dependent person. Relationship problems and work or school issues are possible consequences. Some cases of dependence can lead to completely improper usage of the drug, including snorting, injecting, or using without a prescription. Of course, this extreme activity does not occur in every case; however, it is possible that one or more of the previously mentioned results may occur.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Vicodin

Vicodin Addiction Treatment | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol ServicesThe symptoms of withdrawal from Vicodin can be brutal. Those going through this process can experience insomnia and restlessness, depression, extreme sweating, diarrhea, and various bodily aches. These undesirable effects can cause former Vicodin dependents to relapse in an effort to avoid these symptoms. However, medication-assisted treatment can help combat that option. Two of the treatment medications are Vivitrol and Suboxone.

Vivitrol keeps users from feeling the pleasant feelings that the Vicodin gives them. It is a non-addictive medication and it binds to the brain’s receptors which normally register the euphoric effects of Vicodin. This eventually leads to lessened or terminated usage of Vicodin.

Suboxone causes the grueling physical signs of withdrawal to decrease. This allows the patient to be free of the discomfort that is caused by the discontinued use of their Vicodin medication. Suboxone also helps to block cravings for the medication, helping individuals to prevent relapse and continue with sobriety.

MAT is an outpatient treatment, which enables patients to get the help they need at the time they need. It is also cost-effective in that it eliminates the need for a hospital stay. MAT is safe for patients and is supervised by experts who understand the process of drug detox process. Diablo Valley works to make the detox process easier for patients who have struggled with Vicodin dependence. Email or call today to start the road to becoming free from Vicodin dependence.

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