How Toxic Thoughts can Hinder Recovery Efforts

Diablo Valley Treatment on May 24, 2019

Recovery is a challenge for every person who attempts it. But, there are a few things that will make recovery harder for you. One of these things is toxic thoughts. If you’re serious about taking your sobriety long term and living a life of healing, it’s best to identify toxic thinking. This way, you can work towards eliminating it from your life. And, taking better care of the sobriety you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

What are Toxic Thoughts?

Toxic thoughts are ways of thinking that may not encourage self-growth. During recovery, toxic thinking may include anything that could hinder recovery motivation. However, because our thoughts are subconscious, it’s difficult to control them. But, that’s not to say that it’s impossible. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks individuals in recovery can utilize to ward off toxic thinking and develop newer, healthier thinking patterns.

The Thought that Recovery can Always Start Tomorrow

How Toxic Thoughts can Hinder Recovery Efforts | Diablo ValleyOne example of a toxic thought is that a person can get help tomorrow. But, when tomorrow comes, they have the same thought. Unfortunately, many of these people don’t get to see tomorrow due to overdose. And, addiction is a degenerative disease, meaning it only gets worse with time. So, don’t wait til tomorrow. Decide to get help TODAY.

The Thought that You Can’t Do It

Another example of a toxic addictive thought is that you can’t get help because you won’t succeed with treatment. But, how do you know this if you have yet to try? Just like Michael Jordan said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Don’t ruin your chance of sobriety and a life of healing before you even try.

The Thought that Those in Recovery are Better

Sure, the people you may see or meet that are in active recovery may have loving families, great jobs, and successful lives. But, do you think they got there overnight? Do you think they had all that success and health during active addiction? The answer is no. They worked hard for it, just like you can do. Instead of using people as a negative comparison, use those in recovery as inspiration. If anything, if they can do it, so can you!

The Thought that You Need More (of Whatever) Before Starting Sobriety

Far too often, individuals feel like they need more support, more money, more time, or more energy before they begin with treatment. But, if you feel like you need to have more of something before getting help, the truth is that you may wait forever. So, rather than waiting for whatever it is you need more of, take the opportunity to get help by the horns. You can do it now as long as you have the motivation and commitment to do so.

Choose a Life of Healing in Recovery

Finally ready to kick these toxic thoughts to the curb and get the help you need to say goodbye to addiction? Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services can help. We offer outpatient treatment and withdrawal management for individuals struggling with all types of addiction.

Starting with a Clean Slate After Opioid Abuse Treatment

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