Using Ecotherapy During Outpatient Treatment

Here at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, we know the importance of combining treatment techniques to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment. We know that medication is effective in helping individuals successfully complete detox and reduce the risk of dangerous relapse and overdose. However, medication doesn’t provide everything a person in recovery needs. Studies show that a combination of treatment techniques is best for those attempting a life in recovery after addictive lifestyles or physical medication dependence. This is because addiction and prescription dependence can affect each person differently. Combining both traditional and holistic approaches to treatment allows individuals to experience various healing methods. And develop various skills to remain sober once treatment concludes.

One type of holistic therapy offered during the IOP here at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services is Ecotherapy. All individuals enrolled in our 36-session outpatient program will have the opportunity to engage with this type of therapy. And, gain helpful insight into this holistic practice to utilize once they’ve graduated from the program.

What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy | Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services in CaliforniaBasically, ecotherapy is using nature to evoke mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of psychologically remaining in the present moment. Far too often, those who have previously lived a life motivated by physical dependence or addiction adopt self-harming behaviors and thought patterns. However, it is possible to redirect thoughts and actions by acquiring new coping skills like mindfulness. Holding feelings of shame and guilt for past actions and thoughts can be dangerous to a person’s recovery. Likewise, worrying and stressing about the future can also be a trigger to relapse and continue with drug use. So, adopting healthy thought patterns through mindfulness can be helpful in managing recovery efforts and maintaining healthy thought patterns.

Ecotherapy, otherwise referred to as nature therapy, is a method of practicing mindfulness by being outdoors. Nature has a way of placing us in the present moment and evoking mindfulness. During ecotherapy sessions, individuals can take in the nature surrounding them and meditate on their recovery, their goals, and their accomplishments. Ecotherapy can also consist of skill-building exercises with peers in recovery that include activities like kayaking, gardening, hiking, and much more. While simply being in nature can evoke a sense of mindfulness, these activities can also help individuals in treatment with:

  • Building trust in relationships
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with others
  • Building peer relationships and a recovery support system

Take Advantage of Ecotherapy at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services

Those enrolled in our 36-session IOP have the opportunity to take advantage of both traditional and holistic approaches to treatment. This includes the ecotherapy sessions. Before one can enroll into the IOP, he/she must undergo detox first. Once detox is over, individuals can enroll in the outpatient program and further their education and efforts to manage successful recovery. Let us help you gain control of your life and say goodbye to physical dependence or addiction for good. Call us today at 925-289-1430 or send us a message through our website to learn more about all of our programs including ecotherapy.