While detoxing and treatment are both necessary and important steps on the journey to recovery, there are a number of other proven techniques that provide individuals with the recovery skills they need. One of these techniques is mindfulness. Here at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, we understand the importance of offering individuals multiple outlets for their treatment sessions. While some individuals may respond best to one type of therapy, others can respond to different types. By offering numerous outlets for healing, our hope is that all individuals who come to our facilities for help can adopt the methods that work best for them. Here, during intensive outpatient programs, individuals have the opportunity to engage in meditation and therapy sessions which revolve around mindfulness, a proven and effective tool for recovery.

Using Mindfulness Throughout Recovery

Mindfulness Therapy Sessions | Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services

Mindfulness is a holistic approach to healing that involves contemplating the present rather than the past or future. During recovery from addiction and physical dependence, it’s important to focus efforts on the here and now. This way, true and lasting measures can be taken to ensure healing now. So, mindfulness is basically attempting to live in the present moment as to not worry about the past or future.

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness?

There are a number of benefits to practicing mindfulness throughout treatment and recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. Some of these benefits may include:

Managing Stress: Worrying about what you’re going to do in the future and the obstacles of your past is good for no one. The only moment that matters in bettering yourself is the present moment. Once that concept of mindfulness sticks, people find themselves stressing about the past and future much less. Since stress can be a relapse trigger for many in recovery, this is a huge benefit to sobriety efforts.

Stronger Immune Health: Especially for those struggling to manage stress levels, immune health can improve with practice mindfulness. High levels of stress can work to reduce the body’s ability to heal itself. So, those dealing with high levels of stress may be at higher risk to develop sickness. Since practicing mindfulness can lower stress levels, this can also help to boost the immune system.

Mindfulness Therapy Sessions | Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol ServicesAcceptance: Especially for those who were living a life of active addiction, displaying self-harming behaviors, guilt may be a big part of the past. However, because mindfulness is about living in the present moment, a big part of remaining mindful is letting go of the past. This helps individuals to accept their faults and past to discover a new present. Acceptance is a major key to recovery success. It allows people to let go of negative emotions which can hurt sobriety efforts in the long run.

Manage Emotions: Undoubtedly, the best and most important benefit of practicing mindfulness is the increased ability to manage emotions. Guilt, shame, fear, and stress can all come about from worrying about the past and future. When a person is focused on the present, they can only worry about their present emotion. This allows for better emotion management, as a person is only focusing on what they feel right now rather than worrying about the past or future. Additionally, this allows people to release negative emotions that could bring about a relapse. And, make better, more productive decisions which relate to the present moment.

Mindfulness Therapy at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services

During the time spent in the Intensive Outpatient Program, you can take advantage of a number of mindful-based practices. We offer mindfulness-based cognitive therapy sessions and meditation for those interested during our nightly meetings. To find out more about Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services programs which include an integration to mindfulness, please reach out to us today.